'Click Me! ATC Button' Shopify App

Draw Visitors' Eyes to the Add To Cart Button

The ultimate goal of every eCommerce store is to convert visitors into buyers. All sales funnels should point to the Add To Cart button (ATC button). What better way to draw visitors' eyes to the ATC button than to make the button periodically pulse, flash, bounce or shake? With our simple but powerful Click Me! ATC Button app, you can do exactly that!

Add to Cart Animation App

You're in Full Control

Other Add to Cart button animation apps are so "in your face" that they can be a turn-off to customers and actually lower your conversion rate. They have very few (if any) customization options and tend to go way overboard on both the frequency and magnitude of the button animation.

With our Click Me! ATC Button app, you can decide the animation style and duration, as well as its frequency (i.e. how many seconds after the product page first loads before the ATC button animates and the delay between each subsequent animation).

Customization options to choose the style & duration of each button animation

Works Perfectly on Desktop and Mobile

We've ensured the ATC button animations are perfect and consistent on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Works perfectly on desktop computers and on mobile devices

Works With All Online Store 2.0 Themes

Our Click Me! ATC Button app is compatible with all Online Store 2.0 themes, including:

  • Dawn
  • Refresh
  • Craft
  • Sense
  • Studio
  • Ride
  • Taste
  • Colorblock
  • Crave
  • Impulse
  • Prestige
  • Symmetry
  • Warehouse
  • Focal
  • Streamline
  • Expanse
  • Empire
  • Motion
  • Any other OS 2.0 theme

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